What Can My Baby See Right Now?

Sight development is fascinating. Ever wondered how much your baby can see? Here's a quick timeline of how your baby's eyesight is developing over the first 24 months, according to the American Optometric Association.


Follow your babies eye development through these stages:

Birth to 4 Months of Age

For the first two months, a baby's eyes can only see about 8 to 10 inches away. They visually are very stimulated, but are basically trying to figure out what is going on. A lot seems to be going on, but they are having trouble distinguishing more than one person or target, unless they are very close in distance. Babies will start to follow things with their eyes closer to the three month mark. 

Five to Nine Months of Age

Depth perception starts to develop in a baby's eyes now. They are starting to perceive things at farther distances and tell people and objects apart. As baby starts to move and sit up, their eye development is forced to increase to help with eye and body movement coordination. 

Nine to Twelve Months of Age

As babies start to pull themselves up and eventually crawling, eye and body movement coordination increases, strengthening their depth perception as well as their ability to judge distance. Crawling is an important step in eye development as hand-eye coordination is a key part of this stage. Color sensory can become important during this time. Babies are attracted to bright colors as they are easier to distinguish from each other. 

Twelve to Twenty Four Months of Age

Eye development and depth perception rapidly grow during this time. Babies start to become inquisitive of their environment and interested in exploring. As they start investigating the objects and surroundings, they develop their eye-hand coordination extremely fast. Their ability to detect color also develops during this time. 



Teething Necklaces During Baby's Eye Development Stages

During the developmental stages, the teething necklace can act as a sensory tool. During breastfeeding, the baby can grab and cling to the necklaces. You can clearly see how their hand eye coordination starts to develop on how easily they can grab at the necklace. Necklaces with brightly colored beads assist the baby detect at an earlier age. As the infant grows older and hits the teething age, between four to seven months, wearing the necklaces helps soothe gums. As babies are still seeing only short distances away, the necklace being worn by mommy helps focus a baby's attention. When being held by mommy, baby will be able to grab the necklace, being at such a close distance, and see the shapes and colors. Babies will grab the necklaces and proceed to put them in their mouth. It's fascinating to see up close what changes your baby's eye development is going through! That's pretty cool!


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    I didn’t know all that !!! I’ve heard alot about the teething necklaces which makes sense because babies always grabs the necklace everytime

    On Mar 23, 2016

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